Pip Wates Old to modern

new paint

When I rang Whittakers to ask about re-furbishing a twelve year old truck that was on its fourth owner I did not expect much!  Other leading coachbuilders who I have dealt with previously have very much courted the new customer and had very little time for their product once it has changed hands.  To my surprise and delight Whittakers could not be more different, in my opinion they are a world apart in this market.  It may be because it is a family run business but they were just excellent on their customer service, delivery and quality of product.  Jayne and Jordan came down in person to Sussex to meet with me, they bought their samples down and it was like designing a new lorry!  They were cost aware and made sure I did not waste money and for the budget I had they told me how to effect the maximum facelift.  They then took the “starship truck” away for renovation and when it was returned, on my birthday it really did look like new!  I had bought the truck because it was very low mileage but it felt old and dated, it came back as a stunning modern truck, we were all thrilled with it.  Three months on we saw Jordan at Hickstead and she was just as friendly and remembered all the details, you just don’t get this personal service anywhere else nowadays.  They even sent me cushions and a birthday present!  I will always buy whittaker from now on, they have a great product of course, their lorries “work” for horse and rider, but most importantly they could not offer a better service or be more fun and friendly to deal with.  I assure you I am not easy to impress but I could not be happier!

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